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I’m a marketing professional with experience from project management to brand marketing.

I excel in communicating brand messages that resonates with target audiences. My experience in brand strategy, combined with my passion for storytelling, allows me to create campaigns that not only drive engagement but also leave a lasting impression



112 +

Projects Complete


Years of Professional Experience


Here I showcase my experience in executing multi-channel marketing strategies, developing video productions, and copywriting for a brand identity. With a track record of driving engagement and growth, I bring a unique perspective to every project and am passionate about connecting with target audiences in meaningful ways.

Marketing Strategy

Created a visualization of a major brand’s total audience. Constructed the ad plan linked for an undergraduate admissions campaign. The following admitted class saw a 41% increase in early decision applicants.

Communication and Project Implementation

Ushered in a new era of campus food service with Tennessee Chancellor Donde Plowman


As a marketing and communications professional with a background in university marketing, my portfolio showcases my experience producing high-quality video projects and managing official social media accounts. With a keen eye for detail, I have created and implemented successful ad plans across multiple social media platforms with notable quarterly improvements, and have managed a social media ambassador program to increase engagement and reach. I have also had the opportunity to interview notable professionals, and have played a starring role in university videos, bringing a unique perspective to every project.

University of Tennessee

Office of Marketing & Communications

2020 – 2021 (Social Media Intern), 2021-2022 Marketing Associate

University of Tennessee Emerging Leader

2019 Cohort

Local Freelance


Knoxville Donut Shop

Schulz-Brau Brewery

Yee-Haw Brewing


Website Design

Learned HTML and CSS with the University of Tennessee OCM and afterwards.


Is comfortable presenting and experienced collaborating across multiple departments and teams with varying objectives. Can deliver a message effectively across multiple mediums.

Executive Functioning

Implements personal ideas into action through video production, social content, and strategy planning.

Programmatic Analysis

Uses Tableau and Excel proficiency to execute assumption checks and provide strategy for University social ad campaigns

Editorial Management and Copywriting

Extensive experience writing long and short form ranging from snappy twitter posts, to detailed UT news articles, as well as experience with brand design and creative work through Canva and Photoshop. Familiar with sticking to a brand style and voice.

Social Media Management

Experience tracking and moderation with Hootsuite, interacting and posting with official social accounts of over 500k+ total following.


“It was a pleasure to watch him tackle a variety of projects and grow with every step.”

Rebekah Winkler

Sr. Social Media Brand Manager @ Tombras – Former Employer

“Any organization would be lucky to have such a hard worker.”

Cassandra Sproles

Senior Editor & Executive Editor, Torchbearer magazine – Former Employer

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