Hey, my name is Drew. Thanks for stopping by.

About Me

A multi-hyphenate project manager/brand marketer/fan of bad sports teams.

I specialize in story telling, communicating unique brand identities, and never losing hope (hence the bad sports teams thing).

Things I’m proud of

Expertise in Leading and Managing Creative Projects

Wrote, Cast, and Directed the University’s class of 2022 senior send off.

Marketing Strategy

Created a visualization of a major brand’s total audience and developed an ad plan for an undergraduate admissions campaign, contributing to a 41% increase in early decision applicants.

Communication and Project Implementation

Ushered in a new era of campus food service with Tennessee Chancellor Donde Plowman

Places I’ve done things I’m proud of

From SEC university branding, to logistics and transportation campaign building, my experience has taught me to branch out. The challenge that drives me is making something new out of routine material. In other words, “How will you make a new song with the same chords?”

University of Tennessee

Office of Marketing & Communications

2020 – 2021 (Social Media Intern), 2021-2022 Marketing Associate

The Scion Group

Digital Marketing Specialist


Local Freelance


Knoxville Donut Shop

Schulz-Brau Brewery

Yee-Haw Brewing

Things people from places where I’ve done things said about the things I’m proud of

“It was a pleasure to watch him tackle a variety of projects and grow with every step.”

Rebekah Winkler

“Any organization would be lucky to have such a hard worker.”

Cassandra Sproles

Senior Editor & Executive Editor, Torchbearer magazine – Former Employer

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